Castleton IN Haunted Houses & Halloween Attractions

If you're looking for haunted houses near Castleton, IN then this is the place! Below are the top Castleton attractions for you to visit.

House of Trepidation
Indianapolis, IN

House of Trepidation draws visitors into a world of terror with the frightening tale of Dr. Belle, an unhinged clinician who used the promise of free medical care to lure victims to their deaths. Thre... Read More

The Key Haunted Escape Room
Indianapolis, IN

The Key Haunted Escape Rooms, home of Sammy Terry's Dungeon escape room (created and hosted by Sammy himself!), is located inside and operates within the hours of the Post Road Recreation Center. The ... Read More

The Haunted Angelus
Indianapolis, IN

The haunted angelus house raises funds for the angelus, a cerebral palsy group home in hudson florida the first haunted aneleus opened in 2007 on the property of the angelus In 2012 the haunted angel... Read More

The Haunted Loft
Fortville, IN

Long ago, in the year 1692, after fleeing his home town to avoid involvement in the mysterious acts that led to the infamous Salem Witch Trials, Dr. E. Rex settled in a small rural area in Hancock Cou... Read More